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I am a psychiatric board certified nurse practitioner across the life span. I serve both Suffolk and Nassau county. I provide individualized psychopharmacology and psychotherapy. I treat, diagnose and manage various psychiatric diagnoses. I believe medications and therapy are equally important. Too often individuals only want to do one or the other. I educate all my patients that medications are not always the answer. Although I can prescribe, my intent is to never just prescribe medications for patients specific symptoms. Instead, I like to follow a thorough systemic approach getting to know my patients and providing therapy to address concerns, issues and goals. I then will determine if medications are necessary. I also see patients for medication management. I highly stress on educating patients the difference between high and low expectations. Those with high expectations expect or assume medications will 100% rid all symptoms. However that is not always realistic. Those with low expectations are not given the adequate education and guidance on medication initiation and maintenance. At times patients will not take their prescribed medications and often “give up” or do not establish a comfortable relationship with their providers to address their issues and concerns. I strongly encourage patients to develop goals and positive coping strategies that can be utilized and practiced in their day to day life. I am confident in my abilities to provide you with the best care that will allow for me to listen, guide and provide a pathway that prioritizes your mental health in a positive light that will allow you to become the best version of yourself you can be!

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Treated Conditions

-Depressive Disorders   


-Anxiety Disorders



-Excoriation Disorder

-Adjustment Disorders


-Bipolar Disorder


150 Motor Parkway, Hauppauge, Suite 401, NY, USA

Foggy Waters

Accepted Insurances:

OON (Out of network):

-Out of network insurances accepted
-Pending medicare and medicaid insurance panels!
-Self-Pay options available with a comfortable sliding scale

"There is hope even when your brain says there isn't."

John Green

"Thank you for making him comfortable. I appreciate you more than you could ever know. My son sounds like he trusts you a whole lot, he says he tells you everything and how he looks forward to every session. I am so happy to have found you.
"She's so lucky to have you, we both are! I am so thankful for everything you do for her, she has come such a long way and couldn't have done it without you."
"I have never felt comfortable with anyone talking about whats on my mind, but that all changed with Danielle. She completely changed my life around and makes me feel cared for and that i'm not just "another patient" to her. She's the best!
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